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We are building brands for Startups and Businesses. We are a Digital Product Engineering Company and IT Services Provider. 

A one-stop IT Service Provider Company that fulfills all your needs. We are building brands. All we need is your idea and roadmap then we will work together as per your budget. We will take care of everything like designs, apps, and website development for your project. It will be our responsibility to deliver your idea in the form of a product as per your expectation.

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My True Friend, Enabler! The family we choose.


Happy Friendship Day to all the Enablers!


You made my day! You are my savior, for real.


I am a Sales Consultant. I am doing fieldwork as it is my profession to promote the product. I work for many companies as a Sales Consultant. Whenever they need it, I used to do promotions for them. I was earning a good amount to fulfill my and my family's needs before Covid. The pandemic destroys many lives, many people, a true friend, many parents, small businesses, small laborers who earn daily to eat for their kids, etc. I am a human being. Due to the lockdown everywhere, I was not able to do fieldwork. My daughter was demanding a new bicycle, but due to the Covid pandemic, it affects my pocket, and I feel helpless. One of my dear friends came to know about my struggle. The next day in the morning he called me and was telling me about the Enabler App. I registered in the Enabler App, and I can be able to find gig works right after registration near me. My earning has started again. My family is happy. I have bought a new bicycle for my kid. Happy ending.


Thank you, Enabler, for making me an Enabler!

Why Enabler?

One-stop solution to look for jobs, post jobs, and build your own community.

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Once you're registered, everything is taken care of. No hassle or card required.

Success Story on Enabler - Test Analyst

I am working as a Test Analyst and was out of town enjoying my vacation. One day in a coffee shop two professionals were discussing the testing requirement for a project. I was eagerly listening. I shared some suggestions with them which they loved. One of them asked me, “Hey, are you on Enabler? And I had no clue what it was. One of them said that if not, then you should register. You will earn for small gig-work like you just helped us to solve our problem. This app helps to find gig workers with active status on the map near me. It was so easy to register and get a Tester on time. Life made it easy for small gig work and jobs in Enabler.

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I am an Enabler.

Finding gig workers near you with active status is made easier with Enabler.

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Why companies like Enabler?

"Thank you Enabler for Making me an Enabler."

Life made it easy for small gig work and jobs in Enabler.

Sam Whol
Test Analyst

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Web Crawling and Scraping Services

Web Hosting

The best web hosting services give your website a presence on the internet, where all your content resides. At extreme micro tech, we provide you with a one-stop solution for all your website hosting needs. With us, you can access affordable web hosting services.

Data Crawling

Companies that utilize data crawling services can gain strategic insights that improve their profitability and growth prospects and can be the basis for creating new opportunities. Using our data crawling services, we collect and organize useful information from the world wide web and present it to our business clients in any format they demand.

Data Cleaning

Extreme Microtech ensures utmost accuracy and clients' complete satisfaction at affordable prices using state-of-the-art tools & technologies. We can improve the efficiency of your business & keep you always up-to-date. Commit to working with us without hesitation.

Fully Managed Web Scrapping

Our expert development team can handle any web scraping project. No need to waste time analyzing websites and learning web scraping techniques. Streamline your business with Extreme Micro-Tech while concentrating on your core competency.

Elastic Search Large Data Management and Analysis

Providing expert consulting and implementation for Elasticsearch (App Search, Site Search, Workplace Search) to numerous organizations worldwide, we have extensive experience in Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. With our team of expert Elasticsearch consultants, we're happy to help you with Elasticsearch solutions.


Extreme Microtech provides end-to-end, integrated, and decentralized hospital management software for healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinical chains, Medical IT Solution providers, and Patient Management software developers. EMR helps manual process to automate and streamlined for the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, , allergies, radiology images and laboratory test results.

Patient Management Software

Extreme Microtech provides end-to-end, integrated, and decentralized hospital management software for healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinical chains, Medical IT Solution providers, and Patient Management software developers. As healthcare providers struggle with longstanding inefficiencies, disjointed communication, and delays in the care process, partner with Extreme Microtech to improve efficiency, customer experience and simplify your healthcare workflow.

.Net core

Businessmen can benefit from .NET Core by building modern, cloud-based web applications on Windows, macOS, or Linux. .NET Core offers businesses an innovative way to build modern, cloud-based web apps on Windows, macOS, or Linux. We offer .NET core development services that provide lightweight and high-performance Asp.NET Core web-based applications to help companies grow and scale.