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Business Consulting Services

We are building brands for start-ups and businesses. We are a digital product engineering and IT consulting and services company. Extreme Microtech partners with many businesses to help their business direction and expand tycoon to crystal and clear solutions with ethical business strategic growth in the future roadmap.


We are client-friendly and believe in 100% transference, clear communication, and commitment. Providing solutions that assist our client and their business in enhancing their market value position. Our solutions-oriented business approach and strategies will empower and address all your business challenges and real needs with sustainable solutions for the next decades of your expansion plans.

We believe in this quote, which says, "Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes."

We understand that clients are investing their "Time", "Money" and "Trust" and as a return, we are offering them a sustainable, solution-oriented business plan in the form of "Business Requirement Specification with Technology Solutions" and with the business consultation of "Extreme Microtech." The client will get their expected designed and developed product with quality.


We are offering "Functional Testing" as a complimentary service to budget-friendly clients who want to start their digital journey for the first time. Let's grow together. a positive gesture in the direction of start-up innovators

Our expert business consultants have a real-time experience of more than a decade and can help and assist you in adopting the latest market and demanded technologies that can help your business scale up.

Extreme Microtech will be your one-stop IT service provider company that fulfills all your needs. All we need is your idea and roadmap, and then we will work together as per your budget. We will take care of everything, like designs, apps, and website development, for your project. It will be our responsibility to deliver your idea in the form of a product as per your expectations.


We are associated with different clients who are in different business verticals, and that experience helps us propose wise solutions. 


Resource Consulting Services

Extreme Microtech empowers our clients with their staffing requirements in India. We are offering staffing solutions for IT professionals, from part-time, freelancers, contract-to-hire roles, dedicated resources, and staff on our payroll (B2B). This is a perfect way to accomplish your work without adding a permanent staff member.

Extreme Microtech believes in providing customer-centric services that are highly effective and transference without any hidden cost. We believe in confidential, reliable, and customized solutions for our clients.