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Our Mission

We have created a premium app, Enabler, to support government economic programs as part of the MAKE-IN-INDIA campaign to boost the gig economy.

However, this kind of application implementation is very new to the Indian Market, and hence Enabler stands as a pioneer for the boom of the country's economic growth.

It is these enablers who provide gig workers direct work and, therefore, there is codependency that is responsible for the economic boom in India.

Our Purpose

Doesn't that make your heart beam with pride knowing that India is the market that is growing fastest for gig workers? It's true that gig workers have sparked economic growth and that the reason behind that is a constant flow of work that keeps the economy thriving.

Gig workers can utilize Enabler as one of the reliable platforms that prove to be useful for all the gig workers when looking for gigs that are a perfect fit for them.

The majority of us travel with family and friends. As a gig worker, you do not want to slow down your earnings. In such a case, enabler proves to be a reliable platform that helps you look for job opportunities and thereby keep your earnings going.

The Enabler app makes it simple to find gigs relevant to your skills and experience while simultaneously boosting the nation and global economy.

Did you know that the Indian market is the second-fastest-growing market for gig workers? Doesn't that make your heart beam with pride?   Well, gig workers certainly make the economy much more fluid than it was previously and the major reason behind the same is the constant flow of work which keeps the economy flourishing.   One such great destination for all gig workers is Enabler. This is the perfect option for you if you want to find gigs that are just right for you.   It often happens that we are traveling somewhere for a few days, however, as a gig worker, it is very important to keep on working to keep your earnings at pace.   Enabler enables you to find gigs that are just right for your skills and add on to your experience as well as boosts the nation's as well as global economy.

Dreamer to Entrepreneur 


I (Ketan Mistry) have 11+ years of experience in the IT industry. I did my bachelor's in management in India. I did my Master's in Business Management from Stratford University, USA in 2011. I started my IT career at a Fortune 500 company as a Business Analyst and Quality Analyst.


For me, studying in the United States was one of the best experiences I've ever had because they teach about current trends in critical business issues through articles, news, and practical discussions. Well, I have been asked by my professor, "What will you be in 2020?" 10 years of road maps I have learned how to think broader. Why do I have to think broader? What inspired me to think and strategy implementation to become a successful entrepreneur in 2020? I still remember that subject which I liked the most, and all the time, my favorite subject is "BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT."


In 2010, I was on my mission for an 11+ year roadmap, and in 2021, I started my journey as an entrepreneur.


I have the opportunity to learn multiple domains while working with clients from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. Finance, Accounting, e-commerce, m-commerce, retail, sports, social/digital marketing, enterprise business applications, SaaS, SOA, POS, IoT (ML+AI), and so on are examples of domains.


After spending 11+ years in the IT industry, I thought of investing in humankind to empower the future. So, working on my premium app, "Enabler" will help in government economic programs like the MAKE-IN-INDIA campaign to boost the gig economy and empower people. The enabler assists in providing direct work to gig workers. There is a co-dependent relationship that is again responsible for a steep rise in the Indian economy.

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