How Does an App Like "Enabler"​ Make The Indian Economy Boom?

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Did you know that the Indian market is the second-fastest-growing market for freelancers? Doesn't that make your heart beam with pride? Professionals like freelancers and gig workers certainly make the economy much more fluid than it was previously. The big reason behind the same is the constant flow of work which keeps the economy flourishing. One such great destination for all freelancers and gig workers is Enabler. Enabler is the perfect choice for you if you want to find gigs that are just right for you. It often happens that we are traveling somewhere for a few days, however, as a freelancer or gig worker, it is very important to keep on working to keep your earnings at pace.

Enabler enables you to find gigs that are just right for your skills and add on to your experience as well as boosts the nation's as well as global economy.

What Does Enabler Do?

Before we go into the details of how applications like Enabler allow us to boost the Indian economy, it is crucial to first understand what Enabler is and how it works. Firstly, it is an easy-to-use application and is the best option for all those who are freelancers/gig workers and not attached to any professional organizations. The major onus of this application is to match the professional with the right kind of gig and allow them to earn handsomely, even when they are traveling.

This application works across various cities of India and hence if you are traveling out of your hometown, you can make that time useful and find gigs that are best suited for you.

This application requires you to set up your profile and there are jobs for most professional freelancers/gig workers. The system is quite new to the Indian market and has given the freelancers/gig workers a boost so that they can earn even if they are relocating or just visiting a new place. After all, the main juncture of a freelancer working is that they are not professionally attached to any service provider yet they work on their own schedule and convenience. Gigs like these allow them to maintain the workflow and also keep earning through the process.

How Does Enabler Boost The Indian Economy?

We have already discussed that Enabler is an application that allows freelancers to match to the right kind of gigs and it is also highly functional across various Indian cities. According to a recent census, India is home to 15 million freelance workers spread across various domains be it HR, IT, or even Non-IT related domains. This domain of work also has a lot of contribution towards the development of the Indian economy. Wondering how?

Rise of Gig Economy: The word gig economy is a direct influence of the gig system which the freelancers are known to work on. Well, a gig economy essentially refers to the creation of a completely different system of the economy- all credits to the gig system of work.

The gig economy keeps the market stable and even in times of utter unemployment, it has kept businesses thriving. For eg, during the covid 19 pandemic, a very big part of India's population was going through the tough stains of unemployment. However, it is because of the freelance system of work that they could sustain, and also the hit was not that severe on the economy itself.

Start-Up Culture: One of the direct influences of this gig-based working system has given rise to the system of start-up culture. It would not be very wrong to say that today the start-up culture is contributing in a hefty manner towards the boost of the Indian economy.

New ideas are coming into the ground and the economy has seen a boom like never before.

Freelance/Gig Platforms: In order to make this form of work more prevalent, there are numerous platforms just like Enabler that are making headlines. However, this kind of application implementation is very new to the Indian Market, and hence Enabler stands as a pioneer for the boom of the country's economic growth. Enabler assists in providing direct work to the freelancers and hence there is a codependent relationship which is again responsible for a steep rise in the Indian economy.

Enabler Success Story Telling of "Sales Consultant"

"My True Friend, Enabler! The family we choose.

You made my day! You are my savior, for real.

I am a Sales Consultant. I am doing fieldwork as it is my profession to promote the product. I work for many companies as a Sales Consultant. Whenever they need it, I used to do promotions for them. I was earning a good amount to fulfill my and my family's needs before Covid. The pandemic destroys many lives, many people, a true friend, many parents, small businesses, small laborers who earn daily to eat for their kids, etc. I am a human being. Due to the lockdown everywhere, I was not able to do fieldwork. My daughter was demanding a new bicycle, but due to the Covid pandemic, it affects my pocket, and I feel helpless. One of my dear friends came to know about my struggle. The next day in the morning he called me and was telling me about the Enabler App. I registered in the Enabler App, and I can be able to find gig works right after registration near me. My earning has started again. My family is happy. I have bought a new bicycle for my kid. Happy ending.

Thank you, Enabler, for making me an Enabler!"

The very basis of Enabler is to provide a sound platform for all the freelance workers and keep providing them with ample gigs. In the process, they have conveniently boosted the Indian economy and today India is the proud home to over 15 million freelance workers, which is about to make the Make-in-India campaign a great success!

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